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gkteso technologies & solutions - your reliable route to pole position:

We pull out all the stops for you

We bring dynamism to the game: Innovative technologies and solutions for a range of applications are our world. A committed team of experts is on hand to bring broad specialist knowledge and many years of experience to any new task.

Safety and quality: You can rely on the fact that our technologies are high-end. All of our products are of the highest quality and tested in accordance with the relevant requirements. Depend on top-quality products that are Made in Germany.

Flexibility: We don’t do “off-the-shelf”, so we are able to offer you personalized solutions that precisely cover your needs. We are an ideal partner especially for challenging industrial or medical projects.

Pole position: Leave the field behind you and focus directly on the racing line. With our solutions and products, safeguard the long-term cost-effectiveness and future sustainability of your company.

Products for industry

Ready to overtake

For optimized performance where it matters most: Our products and systems for industry are especially reliable. We have been in the race long enough to know the important way points. That’s why we know that, for you as a decision-maker, quality and optimized support are crucial. First and foremost, you need planning reliability because after all, your tasks are already challenging enough: You cut costs, improve productivity, ensure maximum flexibility and keep within tight budgets.

gkteso is your tried-and-tested partner for every challenge. Working with you, we develop reliable solutions for your industrial tasks. Save time and resources thanks to our extensive modular system and secure yourself a crucial lead.

We automate products and systems for industrial applications and steer them consistently with you towards Industry 4.0. Add more grip to your tires and make a pit stop with us to help you win the race. gkteso – technology and solutions for your performance.

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Robotic Treatment Couch

A new dimension of treatment

Health is extremely precious – and treating people with as few side effects as possible is an important job. With the RPS Radiotherapy Patient System, we have developed a system that opens up new and more accurate treatment options for you.

RPS can be used in combination with imaging methods to compensate unconscious or involuntary body movements such as breathing, heartbeats or peristalsis, for example, thereby improving the precision of radiotherapy.

Invest today in the technology of tomorrow and optimize your treatment portfolio with RPS. Provide your patients with ultra-effective treatment and assist clinicians and radiotherapy physicists by giving them more scope to deliver radiotherapy. Modernize your existing treatment units quickly and efficiently with RPS.

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Treatment Couches for Ophthalmology

Keep an eye on the advantages

As an OEM supplier for patient couches in the field of ophthalmology, we offer a wide range of modern treatment beds. We put our customers and their needs at the forefront of our ideas. That’s why we know that cost pressures in the healthcare sector are high. Our perfectly-engineered basic models are therefore a reliable and efficient way of safeguarding competitiveness.

Individual models, which we develop in collaboration with our customers and to their preferred design, ensure greater visibility. Functions such as ergonomic adjustments or automatic travel also help to set us apart from our competitors.

Good prospects for hospitals and surgeons: With the products that have been designed especially for ophthalmology, surgeons are provided with maximum support in their highly challenging tasks and are able to move patients comfortably and at any time into the ideal position for the procedure.

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Carbon processing

Stable lightweight objects molded easily into shape

Carbon is one of the promising materials of the future for the automotive industry. Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic is especially lightweight and yet stable, making it ideal for modern vehicles. The base material is relatively expensive compared to conventional materials. Cost-optimized technologies are therefore needed, especially in the finishing stage, so that the production of carbon components remains on track in terms of costs.

Set your turn signal in good time and set carbon processing to the correct speed: Ultra-modern water jet cutting systems from gkteso ensure costs are optimized. Advanced finishing of carbon parts demonstrates especially clean cut edges within the tightest deviation tolerances. Even complex components can be processed reliably with our multi-axis water jet cutting systems.

Sit back and relax, because our water jet systems are of course also able to operate fully automatically and be integrated into any production line. So you can process even large volumes of parts with ease and with consistently reproducible quality.

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